Cil Flores

About artist

Cil Flores is an artist/illustrator from Dumaguete City, Philippines, whose main fortes are digital illustrations and traditional art (pen and ink).

She has contributed to a number of projects such as PAGSIBOL, C Magazine (a magazine in London), and The Spirits of the Philippine Archipelago. Cil was also selected as one of the artist contributors for Graphika Manila’s 2020 artbook. In addition, she participated in a number of art events in the city such as KISAW, Dumaguete’s Arts Month celebration where they organized a public mobile art gallery called PediKABS, as well as Forest Camp’s Music and Arts Festival, digital art exhibit “CTRL + Z,” and ATOA, one of the biggest group shows in Dumaguete.

Cil has been collaborating with local online gift shop, Pinspired PH, where she did a couple of projects such as postcards, posters, stickers, and customized ukulele. She worked with the same company for exhibits namely “Reasons to Love the Philippines,” “Recycle Me”, and the Life-giving Seagrass Exhibit at the Flying Fish Hostel.

The Life-giving Seagrass Exhibit was Cil’s most notable collab with Pinspired PH where she and fellow local artist Angelo delos Santos produced artworks that showcased seagrasses to raise awareness of the importance and protection of seagrasses in the Philippines. The event was fully supported by Big Blue Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting seagrasses and the marine ecosystem.

Cil Flores digital art

Alice in Wonderland mural

Never stop creating things,

even if they suck.

Cil Flores traditional art

Ukulele artworks

Cil Flores Ukulele artwork Pinspired PH Dumaguete city
Ukulele artwork for the project Reasons we Love Philippines by Pinspired PH
Cil Flores Ukulele artwork Pinspired PH Dumaguete city

Joy in the Chaos


Life-giving Seagrass, 2019

Seagrass Wave, pen and ink

Educational art project Life-Giving Seagrass is devoted to Seagrass protection in the Philippines and supports local community educational programs by Big Blue Network.

Recycle Me Exhibit, 2020

The duality of Heart and Mind, acrylic on recycled plastic canvas

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