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Hi! I’m Francis: Gamer, science fiction freak, motorcycle rider, audiophile, programmer, artist, and aspiring game developer, follower of Christ.

Francis Cleo Galon Dumaguete city artist

I always had an on-off relationship with my creative side and I mostly did art early in life for fun. I’ve tried a lot of art mediums from pencil sketch, to oil pastel, water color, 3d, digital painting, and vector art, but I never quite stuck with one because I never quite identified myself as a real artist.

Until 2017 came and life made me rediscover my creative soul, and a good friend from church gifted me a drawing tablet. I was a freelance vector artist for a while and when the pandemic came around, I sharpened my digital painting skills and studied a lot of video game design and development, and I still do art for the same reason that I did before: because I love it.

Francis artworks

self portrait
Iron Man

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